High Integrity C++ Coding Standard Version 4.0

On 3rd October 2013 PRQA marked the 10th anniversary of High Integrity C++ (HIC++), one of the longest established and most respected coding standards for C++, with a major update which extends its scope to cover C++11 and beyond.

hicpp-manual-and-white-paperOver the past decade the HIC++ Coding Standard had been downloaded from this codingstandard.com website a staggering 25,000 times – a clear endorsement by the development community that recognizes HIC++ as a key source of coding rules and best practices, enabling the production of high C++ quality code.

“The growing importance of coding standards has been one of the most significant trends impacting the test tool space over the past several years. And HIC++ is one of the most widely adopted.” Chris Rommel, Vice President, M2M Embedded Technology at VDC

In the updated Version 4.0 of HIC++:

  • The overall number rules has been reduced from 202 to 155,
  • 80 rules have been retired and 44 have been merged to 16,
  • 61 new rules have been added, mostly related to C++11, (lambdas, rvalue references, concurrency enhancements), but also covering other best practices,
  • all rules receive improved explanations including compliant and non-compliant code examples.

You can browse the HTML version of High Integrity C++ V4.0, or receive a copy of the HIC++ coding standard as a PDF.

A whitepaper by the authors is also available in conjunction with the PDF, summarizing the rationale behind V4.0, how HIC++ fits with other popular C++ coding standards (such as MISRA C++, JSF AV++ and CERT C++) and the changes from the previous version.